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Founder of Becoming the Big Me, multiple times bestselling author, speaker, Organizer of the Wimberley Women's Circle, Founder of Wimberley Info, and Brand and Media Consultant who has obtained over 260 M views on her content online.

Djemilah Birnie, bestselling author, speaker, the founder of Becoming the Big Me, CCO of Local Crown LC, Brand and Media Consultant | Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest , featuring Sharon Lechter the co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Djemilah Birnie has been building businesses online for nearly a decade. After bootstrapping her first children's clothing business (nearly 10 years ago at the age of 17) Djemilah Birnie learned many powerful lessons about building a brand online through the power of relationships. She shares some of these lessons and her own journey in her now bestselling book featuring her mentor and co author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Sharon Lechter; Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest.

After traversing through many obstacles including addiction, teen pregnancy, homelessness, failed business partnerships, flopped "million dollar ideas", and so on she has learned quite a few things that DON'T work in addition to a few things that do.

Djemilah Birnie helps small business owners who have spent their lifetime serving their communities by cutting through the noise online and getting straight to the point of what actually works and what is simply jargon to get you to buy.

She is passionate about helping others step into their greatest potential by harnessing the power of their minds and creating systems that are sustainable, both in their personal lives and in their business lives. Djemilah believes it is important to first create a healthy foundation rooted in self care in order to continue to positively impact others lives while growing your business. She does this by helping you to develop anchor habits or 'keystone' habits while also developing business processes that help alleviate some of the weight on your mind as a business owner.

"Once you understand that habits can change, you have the freedom and the responsibility to remake them. Once you understand that habits can be rebuilt, the power of habit becomes easier to grasp and the only option left is to get to work."

~ Charles Duhigg

In addition to her marketing and business background Djemilah Birnie is passionate about uncovering the mysteries of the unconscious mind while tapping into human potential. On her quest for answers in her personal life she has completed certifications in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, and Meditation.

She believes that in order to achieve true "success" one must look at the whole picture. Djemilah is passionate about creating business systems that support your mental and emotional well-being in addition to growing your business.

As a lifelong student Djemilah Birnie is always seeking new knowledge. She believes that seeking growth and understanding is one of the keys to happiness and success. She is constantly taking classes to expand the tools in her toolbelt and has taken classes from both Wharton and Harvard online.

Want to get to know Djemilah Birnie a little bit more?

Then tune into the Becoming the Big Me Podcast! Where Djemilah dives into all things mind, body, and business. From solo episodes to interviews with expert guests- Djemilah Birnie aims to educate, inspire, and motivate you on your own journey of Becoming.

Or if reading is more your thing, grab a copy of her new bestselling book; Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest to learn more about her story.

A collection of empowering stories.

Featuring the author of Think and Grow Rich for Women, co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and author who annotated Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill!

Included in The Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest book you will find stories from Djemilah Birnie, Sharon Lechter, Nick Wingo, Dr. Frances Malone, Jenny Emerson, Russell Creed, Jennifer Aube, Valerie Fischer, Cory & JoJo Rankin, Peter Neilson, Kiki Rae, Tanya Milano Snell, Dannah Macalinga Pedrigal, and Kira Birnie.

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Ready to Tune into Your 'Big Me' Potential?

Bookmark this video and listen daily to tune into your higher self, or your Big Me voice, while infusing your subconscious mind with these powerful affirmations.

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How to Work with Djemilah?

Djemilah Birnie offers private consulting, press services, and done for you services for qualified clients. She is a creative marketer who has obtained over 550 M + views online and has a career attributed revenue of over 10 M for her clients via both the corporate and independent sectors.

Done For You

Allow Djemilah and her team to take things off your plate with done for you services including;

  • Brand Design
  • Brand Assets
  • Graphic Design
  • Logos
  • Web Development
  • Business Automation
  • Podcast Creation and Launch
  • SEO
  • Documented SOPs
  • Business Plan
  • Program Development
  • Digital Marketing and Support
  • Workbook creation and publishing
  • Other


Are you looking to gain the exposure that you deserve for your personal brand or small business? Then our press services might be for you!

  • Press coaching and identifying news worthy activities
  • Press Release writing and distribution
  • High Quality backlinks from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Google
  • PR package creation
  • Podcast booking and placement
  • Curated contact lists
  • Monthly PR management packages are available
  • Press and Media Consulting


Is it time for you to take things to the next level with your life and business? Ready to actually create systems that are sustainable and allow you to grow?

  • Deep dive into your habits
  • Create the structure for you to build positive keystone habits in both your business life and your personal life
  • Streamline systems and operations to alleviate the mental weight
  • Brainstorm or "pick my brain" about current conflicts/obstacles in your business
  • Create the roadmap to get from point A to point B
  • Learn how to market yourself in a way that attracts high paying cliental/gigs

Want to learn more about working with Djemilah Birnie? Go here.

**Please note that all of Djemilah's services are for qualified clients only. If Djemilah does not feel like you are in the stage of your business where investing in these services is the right move then she has the right to deny your application. **

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Books by Djemilah Birnie

Djemilah Birnie is a multiple times best selling author including her popular children's book title "Luna's Balloon" from the Adventures with Luna series, The Money Matrix 30 Day Journal, and the I Love Myself flip book.

Djemilah Birnie has always has a passion for words, creating worlds in her imagination since a child, reading, and writing.

Growing up she loved Shel Silverstein and of course the beloved Dr. Seuss and loves to incorporate rhymes into her children's books.

"I have always had two major passions in my life. The first one being helping others. The second being expressing myself creatively through writing. With my books I have combined those to passions to bring to you a variety of books for you to enjoy.

Whether that be in a fun rhyming story teaching children about emotional intelligence , a guided journal to aid in your self discovery, or an empowering story to uplift and motivate you I am sure you will find something that you need in your library."

-Djemilah Birnie

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The Becoming The Big Me Podcast

Diving into all things mind, body, and business with your host Djemilah Birnie.

We all are on a journey... a journey of Becoming. There is never a time that we have "arrived", just continue to grow each and every day. The Becoming the Big Me Podcast showcases this journey. From sharing empowering stories of triumph to the tactile actions to take to continue to grow in all areas; mind, body, and business.

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